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Current COVID-19 situation in Gran Canaria - We are open!

Current COVID-19 situation in Gran Canaria 

Gran Canaria has been and is today one of the safest places in Spain throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. We were lucky that by the time the Spanish Government ordered the Lockdown due to the critical situation in regions like Madrid or Barcelona, we only had 20 cases in the island. This "just on time" lockdown prevented the spread of the virus, reaching only 400 cases by the time the curve was at its peak. 

Nowadays we have a total of 597 accumulated cases. The good news come when analyzing the new cases data. Since the end of April when restrictions started being lifted we have had less than 1 new cases everyday in the whole island. We have moved from total lockdown to Phase 0 (kids being allowed to go out, and adults being able to take a walk or excercise for 1 hour per day), Phase 1 (re-opening of bars and restaurants with an outside area) to Phase 2 with the re-opening of many business, like our languge school. 

Right now we are on Phase 3 where everything is already opened again, besides night clubs. You can go to the beach, hike in the nature, visit your favourite stores, bars, restaurants, theathers or museums. By June 22nd all restrictintions and phases of the Alarm State will be over. Life will go back to normal, with new habits and conventions on our day-to-day life, as in every other country. 

Our Spanish school is open. Air traffic to be restored on July 1st.

Many of our former and potential students, as well as our Instagram and Facebook followers, have asked us about when they can come to our Spanish school. Our school is opened since May 25th. Because almost all our students come from outside Gran Canaria we will restart our group courses in July, once all international air traffic restrictions are lifted and everybody can travel to our wonderful island. 

Since we have always worked with small groups in our school due to quality reasons, life won't be much different than it was before. Just taking the necessary safety precautions we will go back to speaking Spanish with each other, enjoy our coffe breaks and cultural activities. 

If you want to be informed about the daily evolution of COVID-19 cases, you can check them on a daily basis with the official data of the Canary Islands Government by clicking on "Datos COVID-19 en Canarias". Or just ask us any questions or concerns you might have. We will be happy to help.