Maspalomas dunas
Paradise on earth

Learn Spanish in Gran Canaria

Students decide to learn Spanish in Gran Canaria mainly for three reasons: the island’s breathtaking landscapes where one can practice almost any sport one can think about, a beautiful coastline with mild temperatures all year long, and one of the Top 10 cities in Spain which is full of life and a history to be discovered.

Grabbing some tapas & drinks, dancing salsa or merengue as if you were in the best clubs of Cuba or Puerto Rico, or simply enjoying the beach – the cosmopolitan city of Las Palmas offers never-ending cultural possibilities: food, art, concerts, movie festivals, and dance or painting schools. No wonder one of the biggest Spanish writers of all times was born and raised close to our school: Benito Pérez Galdós.

Catedral de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
beach in Gran Canaria

Learn Spanish in the morning, enjoy the beach in Gran Canaria after class

The unique climate of the Canary Islands allows us to enjoy our city and our countryside any time of the year. Even in the coldest months in winter temperatures stay close to 20°C thanks to Africa’s warm air. What about summer? In the warmest months the North Atlantic wind visits us and takes care of guaranteeing mild temperatures between 25°C and 30°C.

The perfect weather to enjoy learning Spanish in Gran Canaria! Mid in the cosmopolitan city of Las Palmas you will find Las Canteras beach: 4 kilometers of white sand full of surf and diving schools and without the faults of mass tourism. In this long beach there is a place for everyone: you will find areas of complete calm and areas with frenetic activity and sports.

Discover your favorite spot! However, Gran Canaria is more than just a beautiful city and nice beaches. Every corner of this volcanic island offers different landscapes: from 2.000m peaks in the heart of the island to incredible cliffs in the north.

Learn about an exciting history full of adventures

Our history starts with a mystery: the guanches. An ancient culture that arrived in the islands 2.000 years ago. They brought a fascinating culture full of mystic rituals. They didn’t know how to sail so, how did they get here? It is only the first question of a thrilling journey across Spanish history in Gran Canaria. Did you know that Christopher Columbus started writing the story of America in the Canary Islands? In 1492 prior to embarking in the most important journey in the history of humanity, the famous adventurer chose Gran Canaria for the last arrangements of his heroic mission.

Our school is just a couple of steps away from the House of Columbus which brings us closer to this exciting episode. You will be able to breathe history in every corner in the historic center. Columbus’ journey converted the Canary Islands into the gate between Europe & America.

This constant exchange between continents and the commercial boom the islands experienced in the centuries that followed deeply transformed the rich Canarian culture with lots of Latin-American influences.