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Flexible, personalized, convenient

Skype Spanish lessons online

For those who don’t have time and possibility to learn Spanish at our intensive courses in Gran Canaria, and for our former students who wish to continue learning with us once they are back home, we offer different packs of Skype Spanish lessons online. These classes are based on the needs and the student’s level of Spanish and allow to be more flexible. The duration of one class is 60min.

Price per class = 30€

Price per class = 25€ for a 15-hour-pack

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  • Betreuung
    1:1: Private Class
  • Unterrichtszeiten
    Class Schedule: Flexible
  • 45 minutes per class
    1 class: 60 Minutes
  • All levels
    All levels: From A1 to C2
  • Calendar
    Start: Any time

Learn Spanish online from home

Without driving to school, without traffic. You are at home and you turn on your computer just a couple of minutes before class start. That's one of the advantages of online Spanish lessons. You choose the schedule that better fits your day-to-day rutine and the frequency. You can be at home and get ready for your class in a minute. Do you need Spanish at work? Speak with your company about it, maybe you can even take your clases at your desk at work. 

What do I need to take Spanish lessons online?

The answer is easy: a stable internet conection, a free skype account and test that camara & audio are working correctly. Skype has a function where you can test that everything is working while you install the program. On top of basic technical requirements we recommend that you choose a quiet surrounding. One room in your house where you can speak and listen without noises and distructions. You still don't have skype? Download it for free and safely from the oficial website

Proven efficacy

Maybe you are wondering if online Spanish lessons are effective for you. The answer is 100% yes. Learning a language requires human interaction. You can learn some contents through apps or reading books. But a language is not just knowledge, languages are not math. Human interaction, the use of the language on top of its rules is a key element when learning a language. Human contact with a native teacher is an excellent option to learn Spanish online. 

An essential advantage of Spanish lessons online is the invididual nature of the class. The student receives personalized attention from the teacher. What are the difficult topics for the student? Which topics does the student need to work more on? Other than in a group course the student invests every second of the class in learning with the pace and intensity he/she needs. If the student already understands some topics there is no need for further explanation and the teacher moves on. If there is a topic with which the student struggles a lot, the teacher prepares additional material on this specific topic so that the student overcomes personal obstacles. If the student understands the theory very good but has difficulties speaking,the teacher focus on conversation so that the students starts speaking fluently. 

What are the goals of online Spanish lessons?

This is the main advantage: you set the specific goals you want to reach. Have you worked hard in learning Spanish and you don't want to forget what you already know? Lets do conversation clases so that you keep practicing and solving small issues and details that weren't completely clear. You want to take an intensive Spanish course in Spain at a higher level that what you currently are ready for? Lets take some clases to improve your level so that you can start from a higher level. You have a difficult exam at your university and you want to pass it by all means? Lets do some clases with a strong focus on what you exactly need for this exam. A worthwhile investment. Read about some successful cases:

Stephan wants to consolidate his A1 level before coming to Spain

Stephan is an IT specialist from Austria that had learned Spanish by himself with well written Spanish books that wanted to do an intensive Spanish course at our school. Our level test showed that he didn't need to start from the beginning of A1 but that he also wasn't completely ready to start an A2 course. He also had some doubts since he did understand a lot of Spanish when reading but he had barely had the chance to speak. The strategy we followed was perfect. Stephan took some skype clases before coming to Spain. Our teacher specifically prepared the clases with a lot of conversation in order to repeat A1 topics while making Stephan speak a lot. He arrived in Las Palmas ready for A2 and with self-confidence when speaking. After a few weeks he managed the A2 level and is now in the beginnings of B1. Thanks to a tailor-made content he made the most out of his stay in Spain.

Thijs wants to maintain his level until the next visit to our school

Thijs did an A1 course with us last January. He enjoyed it a lot and continued with A2 in february. After two intensive months Thijs now speaks Spanish with a solid A2 level. He is retired and he wants to keep coming to Gran Canaria every winter. He knows that if he doesn't speak Spanish at all during the following 10 months he would have probably forgotten some of the contents. The A2 level is complex and students learn different past tenses with their conjugation and uses. Starting a B1 level without having a solid A2 knowledge can be counter-productive. That's why we prepared a plan. After two very intensive months we took a break and started in May with one skype class every two weeks. With a lot of conversation we go over the topics learned in January and February consolidating the knowledge and keeping the speaking practice active. Thijs will start a B1 course in January perfectly ready.  

Lars goes to Argentina 

Lars is a medicine student from Norway. Lars came to our school to take an A2 intensive course because he was planing to do a year abroad in Argentina two months later. In only four weeks he completed the A2 level. But since he knew that A2 might still not be enough for a year abroad in Argentina he took some skype clases after his stay in Gran Canaria to continue to learn Spanish online before moving to Argentina.

Hispanic Philology students

Studying Hispanic Philology being non-native is worthy of admiration. Students must not only speak Spanish they also have to handle the language as an expert: linguistics, syntax… University exams can be a true challenge. Sometimes the help of a native teacher a few days before the exam can be worth its weight in gold. In these skype clases the very specific topics of this particular exam are addressed to garanty success in the exam.

Which materials are used to learn Spanish online?

Good materials are essential for the success of skype classes. Teachers prepare in advace materials that they send to the students before or during the class. Students can do their homework on a word file and send it to the teacher to correct any mistakes. The teachers' prepararation of Spanish lessons online mean a relevant increase in their workload, which obviously impacts in the price of a qualitative skype class. With a good preparation skype clases work very good. And, although there are some limitations when two people don't seat in the same room, being both in front of a computer also opens the possibility of using other interactive materials online. 

When and how do I start?

Contact us and let us know what you need. To start your online Spanish lessons properly we need you to do the level test on our website. This way we know our starting point. The next step is to speak about your individual goals. What are your goals? How much time do you have to reach them? Once we know what you want and need our teachers start preparing materials and strategys to achieve your goals. Learn Spanish online in an efficient and fun way. You will reach your personal goals or discover a new hobby. What are you waiting for? 

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