Our school is located in the heart of the historic center Triana where the first colonial city of the Atlantic was founded: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Being in the historic center will allow us to go out and mingle with the people of Las Palmas. The beach is only 15 minutes away.

Our team:
All our teachers are native speakers, philologists and have a large experience in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. And they love teaching! They all speak other languages; however there is only room for Spanish in our courses.

Many teachers from Gran Canaria work or collaborate with us. Here you cat get to know more about some of them:

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My name is Reyes. I am half Andalusian, half from Madrid, I grew up in Gran Canaria and lived for a long period in Barcelona. Andaluza, madrileña or canaria….I just feel Spanish 😉
I love the Spanish language and have always known that teaching is my vocation. I have been teaching Spanish since years now: to groups of different nationalities and ages, from language schools to different business schools.
At Academia El Capitán I create and design classes and activities using modern communication methods. Classes are practical, focused on communication and have strong cultural aspects which is great.   
“I love to cook, travel and enjoy life. This is why I always give my best so that my students enjoy learning Spanish.”
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I am Eli. Originally from Argentina I grew up in Barcelona until I moved to the island of Gran Canaria – a place like me: between Spain and Latin America.
If I must describe myself in three words they would be: funny, creative and motivating. That’s why I always try to make my students have fun while they are studying. I love to travel, enjoy a good book with a cup of tea and most of all: create new activities for teaching Spanish. Just like in my Blog: ELE de ELI: https://eledeeli.wordpress.com/ A space where I share my knowledge about Spanish linguistics and literature. 
For me it is a privilege to perform my vocation: teaching Spanish. I started with it during my studies and had the opportunity to work at one of the biggest schools for teaching Spanish as a foreign language.  
“Spanish is culture, history, art, literature…another way of life. Enjoying this way is a total adventure. 😊 Are you coming?”


Our daily motivation is to design a complete experience you will never foget. Our priority is that you quickly improve your Spanish skills, merge with the Spanish and Canary culture and that you spend some great weeks with us. That is why the administration team will be there to prepare and manage everything related to your course and your stay in Gran Canaria.

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My curiosity took me to live in many countries like Bulgaria, Germany and Spain. Thanks to these experiences of learning languages in their country of origin I now speak more than five languages at a professional level and enjoy discovering cultures and people.

“Learning a new language is also about getting in touch with new values and beliefs. It is an experience which opens the door to new horizons, agitates your way of thinking and transforms you into someone new.

I will make sure that everything is ready when you arrive so that your stay becomes unforgettable.
My name is Ángel and as an official Tour Guide of the Canary Islands I am in charge of showing you the best spots of Gran Canaria and make sure you enjoy our cultural program.
After many years working in different companies I am happy to do what I like most: teaching Spanish and showing my country and culture to other people. I learned many languages in my life and I am sure about one thing:
“It does not matter which language you are learning. The true progress comes when you start practicing 24 hours in the country of origin.”