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Gran Canaria Language School

Did you know that Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world? According to a recent study is the third world’s most spoken language with over 425 million native speakers and a growing number of non-native speakers. Spanish is becoming more and more popular. There’s no doubt that learning this language will not only give a professional boost in your curriculum, but it will also help you develop a new way of thinking and the opportunity to express your unique experiences fluently in Spanish. Learning a new language enriches yourself with worldwide culture and gives you a better understanding of the world. Languages schools are gaining popularity since, in this era of globalization, one language isn’t enough to communicate with the whole world.The good thing is that actually, almost all school of languages have Spanish courses that are adequate to all levels.

If you still think learning Spanish or a new language is not useful, let us show you the benefits of learning in a school of languages.

Top reasons why you should enter a School of Languages in las Palmas

  • Be more interesting and meet new people: Knowing another language besides your native language makes you interesting! People would like to know what took you to learn another language or in what circumstances you learned that language.People will approach you and they’ll want to speak to you. Having Spanish in your language arsenal is going to give you the opportunity to meet people who you wouldn’t even be able to communicate without Spanish.
  • See your own culture differently: Learning a language isn’t only a grammatical and communicative process only. Learning a new language also implies learning the culture.Enriching yourself with other cultures will help see your own culture with the eyes of others. With another language, you will gain culture and would be able to see the bigger picture and examine your culture from the outside.
  • Cross-cultural friendships: You might have a very good friend from another country that you met on a trip or in a student interchange program, but you only speak to him in English. Imagine you visit that friend because you really enjoy hanging out with him. He invites you to have some beers with his group of friends, but ooops! You are the only one that doesn’t speak the language so you can’t interact with the group…Wouldn’t it be great to hang out with them all in Spanish?
  • Become a better learner: The more you learn the easier it becomes. Our School of Languages in Las Palmas would give you the necessary language hacks so can learn Spanish real quick. We will help you identify your own inefficiencies and teach you how to eliminate them. All this tips and advice will not only help you to learn spanish quicker, but also other languages.
  • Enjoy works of art in their original language:  Have you ever watched a spanish movie relying on subtitles? It’s very frustrating trying to enjoy a movie or work of art when the subtitle is really bad. Wouldn’t be wonderful to enjoy art in its native language? The world is full of non-English works of creative art, learning Spanish will help understand many pieces of art in their original language.
  • Stay smart in tourist areas:  We all love traveling around the world and discovering new places. I bet that at least once you have been very lost due to a communication a problem. Avoid getting lost and be smarter knowing the local language. Spanish is the third language more spoken in the world, that’s why students from our language school in Las Palmas decided to learn Spanish.
  • Conquer your fears: Breaking communication barriers can be difficult and frightening. We all have been in that situation where we need to ask for directions in a foreign country. It takes courage to approach a stranger and find the words that you don’t know to ask for something. If you only had joined the school of languages in las palmas a bit sooner, you will have the necessary knowledge to boost up your confidence in any situation.

If you were doubting to learn or not to learn Spanish, we hope that with this list you don’t have any doubts that learning is the correct path, it always is!

Benefits of our Gran Canaria Language School

Our Spanish language school in Spain supplements formal education or the existing knowledge of a foreign language. We help students develop communication skills in Spanish. With Spanish Courses, you will learn Spanish in a different way. We give the opportunity to learn Spanish in various activities, for example, cooking, dancing or hikes in the mountain.

Our language school is located in the old town of Vegueta. You will love the walk to class every day, appreciating the architecture and the old buildings. The academy is located only a few kilometers from the beach, approximately a 15 minutes away

All of our teachers are native speakers, have a college degree and have a large experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language, but the best thing is that they absolutely love their job and enjoy what the do.

Spanish Courses in one of the best school of languages in Las Palmas. But if you are willing to learn Spanish give us a call, we will love to show you not only the Spanish language but also the culture that makes this remote island in the Atlantic and absolute paradise that only a few have the luck to enjoy.

Why are we different from other School of Languages in Gran Canaria?

There are many ways to learn Spanish as a language in Gran Canaria. One could go out meet some locals and try to pick up the conversation, although if you are not really proficient it may take some time. There is a better approach so you can improve at a much higher rate which is to join our Gran Canaria Language School.
It all really depends on where you are located on the island, honestly. The south of the island is full of tourists and there you will have a much harder time meeting locals and in consequence, it will be more difficult to learn Spanish.
On the other hand, Las Palmas is the perfect location to stay if you came here looking to improve your Spanish. Our school of languages in Las Palmas is located at the heart of the city with plenty of locals and people to meet. In addition, every thursday there is a very important event that you cannot miss if you are not only looking to improve your Spanish in Gran Canaria but also to have some fun in the process.
Thursdays in Vegeta is an experience you can’t miss if you are looking to learn Spanish in Gran Canaria.
The reason why we say that is because thursday nights lots of people go to Vegeta which is next to our Gran Canaria Language School. After class students meet locals to have a beer and some cheap food. Bars are packed with people from all places and it is the perfect chance to use the Spanish you may have learned in our School of Languages in las palmas.
In the end, there are many ways to improve one’s language when you visit a different country. You can join a school, read books or interact with the locals. Our recommendation is to join our Language School in Gran Canaria because you will meet people that are in your same situation, and you could improve together.

Give us a call!