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Educational School Trips in Spain

Around 600 million people speak Spanish around the world making it the second most popular foreign language. That's why Spanish is constantly gaining more importance in the official school curricula all over the world. Learning a foreign language without visiting a country where it is spoken can be hard for both teachers and stundents, and an educational school trip in Spain with a language program is a great opportunity to cope with this.  Our school trips in Spain combine Spanish training with the main factor of such experiences: FUN. These trips are the highlight of a school year, sometimes even of the lifetime schooldays and as such we like to offer a program centered around fun. Even at the times when students will be learning Spanish in the mornings, they will enjoy the classes. Most of the learning units will take place outdoors in real environments and we plan an afternoon excursion or experience every day: hikings, sailing, amusement parks... Gran Canaria offers many great options.  You can choose the ones that suit your students the best: vulcanos, natural reserves, water sports, history museums...

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Learning Spanish: Innovation & Focus on Communication

Our Spanish Schools specializes in intensive programs that guarantee  great results in short time. With our method we teach complex topics by putting them into practice around day-to-day communication excercises. We take learning by communicating so fat that 20% of our classes take place outdoors, in real environments in the city.  We create and plan our tailormade activities carefully to offer high quality learning experiences. Learning by speaking and having fun in your educational school trip in Spain is possible when supervised by Spanish experts.

Spanish,schools & tourism - our areas of expertise

While our staff specializes in communicative Spanish courses, we also accumulate experience in school book editorials and the guided tour sectors. We know the usual difficulties of foreign language teachers in schools and how to use the few days in Spain to generate positive learning results. And to assure that everybody enjoys their stay in Gran Canaria! 

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Strong accommodation partners 

Being Spanish training and fun excursions already taken care off, now we only need a great accommodation option with full board if desired. Our accommodation partner is a private school with a great reputation for over 50 years. It is located in the countryside, but just a 10 minutes bus drive away from the city. The school residence offers fully equipped double rooms, common areas, a dinning room as well as sport facilities such as football and basketball fields or pools. Just the perfect match for an educational school trip in Spain.

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Taylor made contents and teachers' services

How does your perfect education school trip in Spain looks like? It contains the perfect mix of learning and fun.  Let us know what is the perfect mix for you and your students and we'll organize the trip program that better suits you: the speficif Spanish contents you need for the school curriculum of your region, selected topics that you didn't have time to cover during the school year or topics that your students find especially difficult and differentiated content: let us know how many groups you would like to build and we can focus on different issues with each group, learning just what is more important for each group. 

Kids are the real protagonists of an educational school trip in Spain, but the teacher is the key element for a successfull experience. Trip organization, discussions with parents, being responsible for the well being of the kids in a foreign country... a school trip is not an easy project for a teacher.  This is why we will focus on the teacher's needs all along: holding as many videoconferences as needed to organize the trip, sending you material for parent events, organizing a visit to the island upfront to check everything and designing every detail of the school trip according to your needs. 

An educational school trip in Spain at an affordable price

An educational school trip in Spain offers only advantages compared to a local trip: more cultural enrichment, more fun... The only drawback is the price. Expanding your students' horizons is usually worth the financial effort. However choosing the right location might be the difference to make a school trip happen. Gran Canaria is not only a natural wonder with an interesting history, it also has the lowest cost of life in Spain. Thus, we will be able to offer you great content and conditions at an affordable price.  You would book the full package (Spanish classes, accommodation, meals, excursions) with us, and you would only need to buy the flight ticket separately with your local travel agency. Contact us and we'll help you with all your questions.

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