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Be confident when doing business in Spanish

Business Spanish/Spanish for specific purposes

These courses consist of 4 to 6 classes/day (2 of them as addition to the standard course) The min. Level required for this course is B1. They are designed for students from the areas of economy, tourism, call centers or import/export, sales or administration or for those who need to be well prepared for important business meetings and negotiations. The content of these courses in our Gran Canaria school of languages depends on the needs of each student.

Topics start from basic business correspondence to team meetings and different areas of a company: marketing, human resources, sales, finance as well as different actual aspects of the Spanish economy. The group classes from 09:00 to 12:30 (standard course) consist of a grammar part and a strong conversation part to apply and practice the new knowledge right away. By creating real life situations, our experienced native teachers will teach you Spanish in a fun and spontaneous environment. Our weekly communicative Outdoor Classes are designed to help you break the ice and start speaking Spanish with confidence.

With this innovative and extremely effective method you will improve your communication skills and enjoy the interaction with Spaniards without even noticing that you are learning. In the additional 2 semiprivate classes the focus is set on the specific Business Spanish topics.

Business Spanish


These are the prices for the Business Spanish courses:

1 week
2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks