Business Spanish / Spanish for specific purposes

These courses require at least a B1 level and are designed for students from the areas of economy, tourism, call centers or import/export, sales or administration or for those who need to be well prepared for important business meetings and negotiations. The content of these courses depend on the needs of each student. Topics start from basic business correspondence to team meetings and different areas of a company: marketing, human resources, sales, finance as well as different actual aspects of the Spanish economy. You have two options to take Business Spanish classes at our school:

Intensive Course:

  • 20 classes/week in an intensive group course (Mo-Fr 09:00-12:30)
  • +10 hours/week of private/semiprivate classes with specific Business Topics (Mo-Fr 12:45-14:15)
1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks

Individual Course:

  • flexiblel time schedule, Mo-Fr
  • Min. of 1 month and 4 classes/week
  • Price/class = 20€
  • Starts at 320€ (4 weeks x 4 classes/week)
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