learn spanish in gran canaria

1 Year after lockdown Celebration

How it has been to learn Spanish in Gran Canaria in the last year (july 2020-july2021)

After the mandatory March-May 2020 lockdown, we were one of the few Spanish schools in Spain to reopen right away. If people wanted to learn spanish in Gran Canaria, they should have their Spanish school waiting for them with open doors. We were sure about our decision and here we are, one year later with hundreds of satisfied students that were willing to learn Spanish and experience Spain so much, that they flew to Gran Canaria in times of COVID. 

People of all ages learned spanish Gran Canaria 

Because Gran Canaria has been a low-risk pandemic area almost all along, our students didn't find it that risky to come  learn Spanish at our school in Gran Canaria. We did notice that the percetange of senior students (60+) descended at first, being a high risk group. However other students, from 16 to those willing to learn spanish in spain for over 50s  haven't stopped coming to our school. With the good weather conditions for outdoor life and low incidency numbers they realized that coming to Gran Canaria didn't suppose a higher risk than staying back home. Now that the vaccination process is done for many age groups, we are gladly receiving again senior students in our Cran Canaria school of spanish language Spanish Courses Gran Canaria - Academia El Capitán.

The context of the pandemic. 

Spain was one of the most affected countries at some moments of the pandemic. This Wikipedia article explains how the pandemic has evolved in the country. Being the Canary Islands far away from Mainland Spain we have had another pandemic evolution that  allowed our students to keep  learning Spanish in Gran Canaria and enjoy Spain,

Intensification of online classes and a lot of fun videos on social media

Already during lockdown we started looking for new ways of teaching Spanish. We did a lot of videos for our social media, where we combined good explanations of important topics with a lot of fun, with the very important participation of our school pet Pancho. We were all living tough moments in 2020 and this was our contribution to keep a good mood despite the situation. 

Re-opening in July 2020

At times of great uncertainty about how people would behave regarding travelling and holidays, we decided to re-open the school the first minute we could. We were happy to see that many Spanish lovers didn't want to stop learning Spanish in Gran Canaria. A douzen of young students led the way in the first weeks of Spanish courses. We started with three groups and our usual school trips once a week: volcanos, history, gastronomy... we were still in the pandemic, but we wanted to keep teaching Spanish and enjoying Spain, celebrating life. 

All levels, all course types, all ages learn Spanish Gran Canaria

We have had a douzen of courses for the first three levels A1-B1 and many B2 and C1 courses. We had plenty of students from the Bildungsurlaub program in Germany and we had the pleasure to prepare some DELE students for their exams. Most of our online students from the 2020 lockdown are still taking weekly classes with us. The best part is that most of the students that couldn't visit the school in March-May 2020 as planned due to lockdown have already come to the school to take their missing Spanish courses. This is our greatest satisfaction!

1 Year Celebration after lockdown

It has been a great year despite the pandemic. Students from all over the world, from different ages came to learn Spanish in Gran Canaria. And as usual everybody had different reasons to learn Spanish: studies, work, travel, expat life, love... We opened on the first day we could to offer you a great experience and thanks to all the students that visited us in the last year, we can say that it was absolutely worthy. Thank you to all the 2020/2021 students. We hope to see you soon again! Our door is and will allways be open for everybody willing to learn Spanish in Gran Canaria, experience Spain and celebrate life with us.