Gran Canaria in summer

Is summer a good time to learn Spanish in Spain?

Is summer a good time to learn Spanish in Spain?

Once people decide to learn Spanish in Spain the first questions are: where to learn Spanish in Spain? Which type of school to choose? But also when to do a Spanish course. In winter, in summer? Today we share a couple of thoughts about wether summer is a good moment to take intensive spanish courses in Spain

What is summer for you?

We all have a similar idea about summer, but there are many elements to it if you think about it for a second.

Heat, sun and water

Lets start witht he obvious. In summer it is hotter. The sun and the blue sky set us in a better mood with which it is easier to draw a smile on our face. Taking a swim in the ocean helps refresh ourselves and relax while floating on the water. But if it gets too hot, than bathing is not just a nice activity, it becomes the only thing you feel like doing. So that besides swimming in the sea, you can’t really think about any other cool stuff to do.

Disconnect and start over

After New Years Eve, summer is the other moment of the year where we medidate about our last year and what we want to do in the next period that starts. The summer vacations are usually the longest. This helps us to disconnect from work, studies and any problems we have back home. We clear our head and think about what really makes us happy and quite often we go back to our normal life with a couple of insights about what we want to improve in our lifes. 

New horizons and new friends

This is one of the greatest things of the summer. We spend our time in a totally different environment. Throughout the year we have a couple of places and a couple of people circles where we spend our life. During holidays we suddenly spend time with totally different people. And sometimes we make great friendships that we would have never made back home. People from different countries, ages, work environments… This also helps us disconnect from our regular environment and visualize new horizons. 

Relax, relax, relax

Waking up and knowing that there is nothing that you must do. Is there a better feeling than this. Probably not. It just depends on what kind of person you are. Can you not do nothing for a couple of weeks or do you need something to do on top of relaxing most of the time. 

Learn something new

Wether it is a vacation on a coast location or a big city holiday most people will visit some places where they can learn something about the the history or the culture of the place. You just have the feeling that in real life you spend your time around one specific topic and you don’t have time to learn about many different interesting things around the globe.

So, is summer a good time to learn Spanish?

If you really want to not do nothing during summer, than it is better if you go for a 100% beach holiday. Relax and enjoy the summer! But, if you need to stay active, then keep reading this post. It is obvious than taking a Spanish course implies marking a „check“ on learning something new. What is less obvious are the benefits of a language holiday to disconnect and start the new season with more energy. It might seem that laying on the beach the whole day might be better to disconnect from work. But it isn’t. You know this feeling where in the first days of vacation your mind still goes back to the topics at your normal life. And a few days before you go back home your brain already starts reminding you that it all will soon be over. But when you take a Spanish course the disconnection happens much faster. Learning Spanish is sooo far away from your day-to-day routine and requests some amount of your attention. Taking a Spanish course is fun, but it is also intensive. It is like clicking on the Turn Off button for all your everyday concerns. You can clearly disconnect. A plus is the fact that with a Spanish course in the right Gran Canaria school of languages SPANISH COURSES GRAN CANARIA - ACADEMIA EL CAPITÁN you really start experiencing the Spanish culture first hand. Cultural activities far away from traditional tourism bring you in contact with a different (and cool) culture. Being in such a different environment helps you put into perspective all aspects of your life. You will definitely go back home with energy, peace of mind and a sense of knowing your priorities better. 

Something that helps to set you in an entirely different environment are the new friends you make in a Spanish course. You spend a couple of hours everday with people you would have never met in regular life: from other countries, from other professions, from other ages but with common interests… A Spanish school is a place for teenagers, students, professionals and also to learn Spanish in Spain for over 50s or as seniors. After class there is plenty of free time that you can spend with those students with which you develop a special connection. The new friends-component of a good summer is also given. 

But, what about the heat? Learning Spanish in a hot summer might overheat the brain of Spanish students. Well, that’s true, but not in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The unique Gran Canaria climate offers a mild summer where learning a new language is a very nice activity to do. Temperatures stay between 20ºC and 25ºC. You can still enjoy beach life on the island, but without overheating in your Spanish course. 

So, all in all, depending on your understanding of summer, this could be a great time to learn Spanish during holidays. And if you work in Germany you can even get up to 10 extra days of vacation for your Bildungsurlaub Spanisch.

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