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What is the best age to learn a language?

What is the best age to learn a language?

There is no perfect age to learn a language. It's never too soon and more important: it's never too late to learn Spanish. We have students from all ages in our language school and it is just fun to share the learning experience among people from different ages. Every age group and every student brings a different energy, past and wisdom to the group. Our intensive group courses accept students from 16 years old onwards. Normally every age group has different motivations and expectations from the course.

Teenagers & Students (16 - late 20s)

Our younger group always has a lot of fun in Gran Canaria. They enjoy opening their world meeting other students from their age from around the world. The fun factor after class that Gran Canaria offers is just perfect for their needs: beach time, partys… But they don't only come to enjoy the sun, they usually come because they need a big push in their Spanish and move forward quickly with their knowledge of the language in short time. The day-to-day experience in Spain allows them to understand much better how the language works. Out native teacher help them solve in small groups these difficult topics they are struggling with in their home country (pronounciation, past tenses, subjuntivo...). A guarantee to pass dificult exams back home while enjoying the island.

Adults (late 20s-late 40s)

Once the university time is over there are two groups of students that join our school. Those who just want to add a cultural and new factor to their lifes and discover the Spanish language and culture, and those who are seriously thinking about moving to Spain. Both enjoy the intense but pleasant pace and atmosphere of our courses, where they can move forward through the Spanish levels quickly while getting to know the culture in depth; both within the contents of our courses and our cultural activities. Many of our students have told us that even if they had been many times in Spain before, they start really experiencing the country once they have gotten in touch with the language and the culture. 

50+ Students

Many people at this age group first doubt if there are courses to learn Spanish in Spain for over 50s. They even ask themselves the question if it might be to late. The answer is againg simple: no, it is never to late. At your 50s your brain has already learned a lot of things throughout your whole life. And even if the last time you sat on a classroom was some decades ago, you will see how your brain quickly responds to the new knowledge. It's like as it was waiting for a new challenge, for something new to learn. All our 50+ students love the very active combination of class and cultural activities.


Are you retired and you think that learning a language is no longer an option for you? Well, luckily it ain't so. We have a lot of senior students all year long. Not just in their 60s, also in their late 70s and onwards. It's obvious that at an older age the brain is not as fresh as a 16 year old high school student, but learning a language is a wonderful and fullfilling way to train it. And the results are great. Not only have 100% of our senior students always left satisfied but also with a new glance in their eyes. 


All in all our school always hasmixed-aged groups. Our course participants enjoy having new friends from their own  age, but also sharing time with people from all age groups. The younger students learn a lot with a life full of experiences from our elderly students, the elderly get an energy shot from the younger students that are excited about the new challenges ahead of them. The highschool graduates get helpful advice from the university students, the university students get helpful tips from the working adults… It's a wonderful context to meet people from all over the world and from your own and different age groups. Learning a language: always a pleasure, never to late!