5 Reasons to choose
Spanish Courses Gran Canaria – Academia El Capitán
1. Habla Español (Speak Spanish)
You will improve your Spanish in short time with our experienced teachers.
But, what makes us unique? We strongly focus on communication. Our goal is that you don’t just gain new knowledge, we want you to speak fluently. And for this reason, we are constantly innovating. With our Outdoor Classes you will practice what you just learned in a real environment. In the city, in a museum, in a market….
2. Vive España (Experience Spain)
Why should you come to Spain to just learn Spanish? With our Cultural Program you will get to know our history and culture and understand our values and beliefs. Incredible landscapes, guided tours, gastronomy, museums, local shows…. Live like a local, make friends and book a complete experience instead of just a course.
Best of all: these activities contribute to improving your Spanish.
3.  Gran Canaria – the right place to learn Spanish?
The first reason to choose Gran Canaria is obvious: mild temperatures around 20ºC throughout the whole year. Close to 0ºC temperatures in winter in Madrid or Barcelona will hold you back from going out and experiencing the Spanish life outside. Learning grammar with 40ºC temperatures in Mid- and Southern Spain doesn’t seem like a perfect plan either.
But Gran Canaria is much more than just nice weather: Las Palmas is one of the Top 10 biggest cities in Spain. With close to 400,000 residents the city is always full of live: 5 big theatres, big seasonal festivals such as Carnival, our International Movie Festival, the World of Music Art & Dance festival, folk festivals in the summer…
Best of all: Gran Canaria has the lowest cost of life in Spain. You will notice it everywhere: at the restaurants and bars, at the supermarket, and especially at your accommodation. You can stay in one of our single rooms in fully equipped shared flats at the beach for 17€-25€ per night. Also compare the prices of our courses and you will see that we have the best course prices in Spain.
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4. Just what you need
We are sure about one thing: we can organize whatever course you need.
You want to keep it simple? Join our Standard Course. With 4 classes per day you will improve a lot in short time: 1 complete level in one month.
You need more, or you just don’t have one month available for a course? No problem, you can add 1, 2 or 4 semiprivate classes every day to your course. In these additional classes we will cover your special topics of interest or just move forward faster trough the specific level material.
You can also book private classes at any time or design a custom made individual course.
Outstanding service regarding all aspects of your stay is for us mandatory. Just tell us what you need. You can contact us right away via WhatsApp at 0034 674704728.
5. Look for the stars
Do you think that we are the right school for you, but you are still skeptical if everything we promise is true? Just look up our student reviews on Google Maps and facebook 
No matter age or origin: from ages 18 to 70, from Germany to China, all our students leave SATISFIED.

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