Spanish Courses in Gran Canaria

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Learn Spanish and live Spain! The best ways to learn Spanish are speaking in and outside the classroom, mingling with locals in Spain and experiencing this wonderful culture first hand.

Our program includes intensive Spanish courses in the morning, cultural activities and Accommodation if you need it. Test your level and find the best Spanish course for your needs

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Cursos de español en España

Enjoy our Spanish classes in Gran Canaria

cursos de español en gran canaria

25º C all year long: Learn Spanish and take a surf class with the best Spanish Courses of Gran Canaria

Surf, diving or one day excursions –
the subtropical weather of Gran Canaria will allow you to learn while enjoying the sun & the sea whenever you come.

Learn Spanish in Spain, meet locals and experience the Latin culture of Gran Canaria

We will offer you the chance to get in touch with many cultural activities and sports in your free time after class. Unique and unforgettable experiences may be waiting for you.

Party und Tanzen am Strand
language school in spain

A different Spanish Course in Spain

Discover the city, the island and our way of life with our Cultural Program. We will show you breathtaking landscapes, the history hidden in the city and the island and you will experience the city like the locals do. Movies? Theatres? Everything is in!

Why learn Spanish in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria?

Are you thinking in learning Spanish? You might want to consider Las Palmas as your destination to boost up your Spanish skills. Gran Canaria has one of the best climates of the world and multiple landscapes, from arid and deserted areas like Maspalomas dunes to large forest of pines trees like Tamadaba. Canary islands also offers a splendid cuisine with more than 300 years of tradition.

Sun, astonishing landscapes and wonderful food… isn’t that a perfect environment to start learning Spanish in Gran Canaria? Gran Canaria offers the perfect ambiance and we offer the best Spanish courses of Gran Canaria. You will learn Spanish while taking a deep dive into the local culture of Las Palmas.

If you are looking for a destination to learn Spanish, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is your place, stop looking further. This island is fun and exciting, that’s why we try to apply those values to our Spanish courses. With us you will not learn in the typical and traditional academy, we offer much more! Our Spanish courses in Las Palmas include dancing, cooking, local cuisine, exploring nature, visiting museums and much more!

No matter what your level is, we adapt our courses to the students. Perhaps you already know some Spanish but you want to improve it, or you don’t have a clue about Spanish, doesn’t matter. Learning Spanish in Gran Canaria has never been easier. Try now our Spanish courses and start speaking like a pro!

Frequently Asked Questions

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, followed by Chinese and English. With approximately 470 million speakers and being an official language in 21 states around the globe. Learning Spanish is a safe bet for your professional future, since it is the second most used language in international communication after English.

Learning Spanish will provide you with cultural knowledge and broaden your language boundaries. You will have the opportunity to attend many of the best universities in the world where they only teach in Spanish.

Lastly, you will improve your professional profile, since  knowing the Spanish language will open new doors which you can take advantage of. Undoubtedly, knowing Spanish is an added value in your Curriculum Vitae.

The advantages of learning Spanish in Gran Canaria are endless. The island is part of an archipelago known as “The lucky islands”. This is mainly due to its climate, with a present sun 300 days a year and some beaches of real reverie.

Thanks to the friendly and charming locals ,learning a new language becomes much easier. They welcome students from all over the world with open hands and have no problem explaining when you don’t understand them.

With an average annual temperature of 21ºC, the island of Gran Canaria enjoys the best climate in the world. There is no doubt that it’s one of the best places in the world to learn Spanish.

There is no specific time frame to learn Spanish. Each person learns at a different pace. Spanish  language can be learned relatively quickly at its elementary level. For example, we can’t compare it with Russian or German.

You should not rush to learn Spanish. Learning a language should be like a journey, where the  truly important important part is the road, not the destination. Discover words, sounds and people, and don’t only learn the language, but live the authentic Spanish experience.

Of course not, it’s not necessary to enroll in school to learn Spanish. But it will help you a lot facing your challenge of learning a new language. You will learn faster and your learning curve will be smaller.

You will be surrounded by people with the same concerns and needs that you have, learning  Spanish basically. In addition, you will have native professionals who will solve all kinds of doubts.

Our Spanish courses in Gran Canaria are suitable for all levels. From the most basic level (A1) to the most advanced level (C2). We also offer a DELE preparation course.

The Spanish course is based on a grammatical and conversational part, starting to speak Spanish from the first day. Although if you want to know more, you have more information here.