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Learn Spanish in Gran Canaria and experience Spain!

The best ways to learn Spanish in Spain are speaking in and outside the classroom, mingling with locals in Gran Canaria and experiencing this wonderful culture first hand. Join one of our Spanish courses in Gran Canaria's most innovative school of languages.

  • 100% Focus on Communication
  • 5,0/5,0 Review score
  • 1000+ Shared Coffees
  • Amazing memories
Learn Spanish and Live Spain

Spanish courses in Gran Canaria in times of COVID-19

We offer a range of Spanish courses for all levels, ages and nationalities. Whether you want to learn Spanish intensively, prepare for an official exam (DELE, SIELE, CCSE), or need Spanish for Specific purposes, we have a course that is suitable for you. And Yes! You can experience your Spanish course also in times of pandemic. Check actual information regarding the COVID-19 situation in Gran Canaria.

Which Spanish Course is best for me?

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced? If you are not sure which Spanish Course would be best for you, take  the FREE level test before you come to Gran Canaria and our school of languages. Find it out now!

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  • Kristina Bizjak, Munich

    Spanish course (A1-A2) at El Capitán exceeded all my expectations. Skilled and very professional teachers, great cultural program and accommodation just at the beach. Learning Spanish has never been more fun and efficient. Thank you Capitánes for all your efforts and time.

    Kristina Bizjak, Munich
  • Ronja Kok

    Not only is one improving her/his Spanish skills tremendously thanks to enormously skilled teachers but "El Capitán" also offers a wide variety of cultural programs in order to get to know the country's history, its culture and experience the diversity of the Island.

    I can only highly…

    Ronja Kok
  • Gintarė Mateikaitė

    A great school for those who want to learn Spanish and at the same time have fun. Teachers are professional and ready to help with the learning process. The learning environment is nice and not stressful. My time here was very productive - now I really speak Spanish better. These courses also…

    Gintarė Mateikaitė
  • Jo Salisbury

    I studied with the school for one month in March. I loved every minute of my time in there and wish I could have stayed for longer. If you are considering to study Spanish I recommend this school 100%! Friendly staff, organised activities and enjoyable and engaging lessons. Muchas gracias!

    Jo Salisbury
  • Bettina BIZIEN

    Best experience ever. Very professional... and I feel like in a big family. I love the extra program, they offer for the students, to also get to know the culture of the island. Highly recommended, if you plan to do intense language classes.

    Bettina BIZIEN

Immerse yourself in the local culture

Be right within the Spanish culture, while sharing apartment, building and neighborhood with Spanish families. We offer three different accommodation options for you to integrate in the local culture. Whether you chose to stay with a host family, in a shared flat with other students from the school, or at a hotel near the beach, you will continue living the Spanish experience outside the classroom.

  • Playa de Maspalomas

    Feel at Home

    We offer three accommodation options for you to integrate with the local culture. Whether you choose to stay in one of our student residences, a shared apartment o hotel, we know that comfort and quality are an essential part of your study trip. Choose the option which best fits your needs and makes you feel at home away from home.


    Discover our accommodation options!
  • Beach
    Ampliando horizontes

    Experience Spain with all your senses: listen, see, taste… feel!

    Exciting trips around the island, beautiful landscapes and hidden places…guided tours in the mysterious old town of Vegueta, passionate flamenco sounds, Spanish art museums, delicious tapas & hot salsa nights!

    With our cultural program you will understand values, beliefs and the way of life of the Spaniards… and the language will come by itself!

  • Cumbre
    Dunas de Maspalomas

    Learn Spanish with Locals

    Practicing Spanish out of school, in real life situations is what makes our method unique and extremely effective!

    Our innovative Outdoor Classes will help you break the ice and enjoy the interaction with Spaniards in a fun and natural way, without even noticing that you are learning.

    Our Intensive Courses!

Learn Spanish in Gran Canaria. Understand the Spanish culture

Understand the values and beliefs oft he Spaniards and the language will flow. Your life will be more intense and surprising. Experience the Spanish culture first hand with our Gran Canaria school of Spanish language in theather, salsa or tapas nights. 

Our Cultural Program brings more value to your course

Inmerse yourself in the cosmopolitan life of Las Palmas with its unique architechture, big theaters, festivals and restaurants… Visit Gran Canaria with out school of languages and discover hidden Fisher villages, archeological sites full of history and breathtaking landscapes. Discover Gran Canaria

Your Spanish course in Gran Canaria with Community Factor 

At our Spanish courses in Gran Canaria you will meet interesting people from all age groups with similar interests. Also when travelling alone you will find a quick connection with other students in the familiar atmosphere of our Spanish school in Gran Canaria. The activities of our Cultural Program bring everybody together. 

Learn Spanish in Las Palmas and find the key to easy integration 

You want to live or spend some time in Gran Canaria and you don’t speak Spanish? It is possible but you will miss on many things if you can’t interact with the welcoming Spaniards. Things won’t be as personal as they could be and you will miss many things that you could enjoy on the island with a good Spanish knowledge. 

Compare Gran Canaria schools of languages and save money

The Canary Islands ist the most affodable place for your language trip in Spain. We have the lowest cost of living in Spain (up to 30% lower than Madrid or Barcelona) and you will notice it on everything: our courses and accommodation, restaurants and leisure options. Learn Spanish in Las Palmas and enjoy shopping with a reduce VAT of only 6,5%. 

Learn with the best weather at our Gran Canaria school of languages: SPANISH COURSES GRAN CANARIA - ACADEMIA EL CAPITÁN

Mild temperatures between 20ºC and 25ºC throughout the year… you can only find this conditions in Europe here. We also go to the beach in winter and escape heat waves of mainland Spain in the summer. Enjoy the eternal spring in Gran Canaria. 

Stay healthy in winter with your Spanish course in Gran Canaria

The weather is a key element on wether you feel good during your holidays. A mild weather throught the year makes it possible that people from all ages feel great even in winter. Say goodbye to arthritis or skin problems in the coast of Gran Canaria. 

Learn Spanish in Las Palmas with Academia El Capitán

In our spanish school in Las Palmas you will speak Spanish from the first day on and practice everything you learn in real environments in our Outdoor Classes and cultural activities. We will help you find the right spanish course in Gran Canaria, an accommodation and cultural activites. Learn Spanish in Gran Canaria while having fun. 

Join a Spanish course in Gran Canaria‘s most innovative school of languages

Without our Outdoor Classes we would just be like any other spanish courses in Gran Canaria. With our Gran Canaria school you also speak out of class: in the traditional market, at the museum… You can rely on the experience of our teachers that will make sure that you speak Spanish and enjoy learning Spanish in Gran Canaria. 

Great results in short time with Spanish Courses Gran Canaria 

Learn Spanish in Las Palmas with our intensive course: one complete level in only one month. From your first words up to past tenses and Subjuntivo. Your question marks will turn to solid knowledge and self-confidence when speaking.  

Skype Spanish online lessons before or after your stay?

We also offer online lessons. Would you like to take a few clases before coming to Gran Canaria and our school of languages. Or Maybe after your course to keep the level you reached here? It's possible! Read more about our Spanish online lessons

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