Terms and Conditions

General Terms & Conditions




The present Terms & Conditions obey the Spanish Legislation R.D.L. 1/2007 November 16th and the General Regulation of the Defense of Consumers & Users (Ley General para la Defensa de Consumidores y Usuarios, Ley 7/1998, de 13 de abril). These Terms & Conditions apply to all contracts related to Spanish programs between GRAN CANARIA EDUCTATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE and the customer.


The application takes place on the website The customer accepts these General Terms & Conditions by confirming the purchase of the course with the payment. The complete amount of the booked course (100%) will be transferred by bank transfer in the designated bank account of GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE, in a maximum period of 5 days after the online registration. If the customer does not confirm the booking with the bank transfer during this period of 5 days, the course reservation will no longer be valid and the customer won’t have any right for compensation. Once the payment is confirmed, the customer will receive all relevant information related to the courses and approximately 10 days before the beginning of the course information related to the accommodation.

The MINIMUM AGE to participate in the GROUP COURSES is 16 years.
The MINIMUM AGE for stays in any ACCOMMODATION option of the school is 18 years.
The school will dismiss any student below the minimum age and reserves the right to not
execute a full reimbursement for any costs the booking might have caused due negligence of
the customer for not observating the minimum age rule.


The customer can cancel the contract within 14 days after the registration in the website having to communicate it to GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE within this period. The complete amount of the course will be reimbursed. After this period these Terms & Conditions will apply. After these 14 days the course booked cannot be cancelled and GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE, SL will not make any
reimbursement. The cancellation right of the customer will not apply once the course has already started.

COVID-19 CANCELATION CLAUSE – if a course can not take place or the student cannot
participate in it due to COVID-19 related reasons* the school offers the possibility to take the
course and accommodation later (within 18 months) or to transform the booked course into online
classes. In case that this solution is not possible for the student, the full amount will be reimbursed.
The student must communicate to the school the wish of reimbursement within 14 days after
receiving the school’s offer. After this period, the offer will be considered accepted.
*COVID-19 related reasons included in this clause:
- lockdown in Spain or country of origin (applies only when the student is not allowed to travel to
Spain. Not valid in cases when students are allowed to travel for educational reasons.),
- air traffic lockdown between country of origin and Spain (valid only for cases with no air traffic
at all, it does not apply for cancellation of individual flights),
- COVID-19 positive students,
- legally designated quarantine due to contact with COVID-19 confirmed cases,
- quarantine at the school
Student will provide the necessary documents related to each specific case.
Other COVID Cases:
- Declaration of the Canary Islands as a risk area: If a country declares the Canary Islands as a
risk area the COVID-19 Cancelation Clause does not apply, and the course cannot be canceled.
- Establishment of a quarantine in the country of origin after travelling to Gran Canaria. If the
country of origin of the student establish that they need to undergo a quarantine when coming
back from Gran Canaria, students can request to take their course within the next 18 months. The
booked accommodation however cannot be neither canceled nor changed and the booking
amount won’t be reimbursed.


GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE commits to offering all services specified in the program booked. However, the following must be considered:
1. In case GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE is forced to cancel the program booked, GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE will reimburse the complete amount transferred by the customer.
2. It will not be mandatory for GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE to indemnify the customer when the program cancelation is due to cases of force majeure.
3. The minimum number of participants for all group courses is three students. If there are only one or two students enrolled on a group course the course will still take place, however, the classes will be reduced to 75% (two students) or to 50% (one student) since they are semiprivate or private classes. GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE decides if the course will take place in the morning or in the afternoon. This also refers to individual lessons. The class reduction does not apply for BILDUNGSURLAUB programs.
4. Classes on Bank holidays in Spain do not take place and will not be reimbursed from GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE. If two public holidays fall in the same week, then classes from one day will be made up. 
Bank holidays 2021 - 1st and 6th January, 1st and 2nd April; 1st 31st May, 24th June, 16th August, 8th September, 12th October, 1st November, 6th, 8th and 25th December. Bank holidays 2022 - 1st and 6th January, March 1st, 14th and 15nd April; 1st and 30th May, 24th June, 15th August, 8th September, 12th October, 1st November, 6th, 8th and 26 th December.
5. GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE reserves the right to refuse admission, or dismiss a student, in the event of misconduct, unsatisfactory attendance or unsatisfactory work, without a refund of fees.
6. Travel and the cost of cultural activities are not included in the price.
7. Any complaint of the customer once the program has started has to be communicated to GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE who will try to offer a satisfactory solution immediately. If the offered solution is not satisfactory for the customer, the customer has a period of one month to report a written complaint to GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION &CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE. GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE itself will respond to this written complaint. within the period of one month. If the proposed solution isn’t still satisfactory the customer can carry out any legal action considered appropriate.


By complying with the Data Protection Legislation (Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de datos de carácter Personal) GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE informs that all personal data of our customers will be held on a file (property of GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE), for all commercial and operative needs of GRAN
CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE. The acceptance of this Terms & Conditions implies the consent of the handling of this information for the specified activities. Furthermore, you have the right to access, alter and cancel this information in the terms specified by the applied legislation. Please contact therefore GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE, C/Obipo Romo 16 2B indicating “La Dirección” as the addressee or at the email:


These Terms & Conditions are valid for all bookings done during this present year.


Both parts accept that the contract language is Spanish. A reliable English translation is facilitated by the school, even though the Spanish language will prevail at all times. (Términos y Condiciones en español). The applicable law of this contract is the Spanish law and the contract submits to the jurisdiction of the Courthouse and the tribunals of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 


The conditions of the specific course booked will apply (level, duration, range).


- Cleaning: Every student is responsible for the cleaning of his own room during his/her stay. All roommates are responsible for the cleaning of the common rooms. It is forbidden to eat in the rooms, in the sofas and to leave food there. Students must use the kitchen or the dining room. The school cleans the free rooms and the flat before the arrival of new students.
- Neighbors & Hours of rest: Hours of rest are established between 22:00 and 07:00. During this time students commit to maintaining silence in the house. A respectful behavior is especially important in common areas. 
- Deposit, Student’s Responsibility and Flat equipment: The school doesn't charge students a security deposit to ease the booking financially. However, the Student is responsible for any reparation corresponding to the applicable regulation in case the room is not left accordingly by the handover of the keys, as well as for any damage caused in the room or apartment. It is forbidden to move or change the equipment of the flat/rooms as also to stick objects on the walls or on pieces of the furniture. In case of losing a key, the student must refund it. This is also hold in case that the door lock must be changed.
- Visitors overnight are not allowed in the private accommodations.
- Responsibilities: GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE is not responsible for any damage caused to the Student by fortuitous cases or by force majeure, like damp in the walls, water leaks, short circuit currents, loosening of building elements, or damages that could be suffered by the apartment or its installations. GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE is also not responsible for any damage caused to people or goods by fire, theft, robbery or accidents of any type. GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE declares however that the apartment is adequately insuranced. On the other hand, the Student is obliged to not storage or manipulate any explosive, inflammable, unhealthy, illegal or dangerous materials in the apartment.
- Smoking: It is forbidden to smoke in the flat. If you are a smoker please use the balcony or smoke outside of the building.
- Drugs: Drug possession and consumption is strictly prohibited inside the house.

- Flat mates: The student acknowledges and accepts that flat mates in the shared apartment might be of all genders, ages or conditions.
- GRAN CANARIA EDUCATION & CROSS-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE reserves the right to dismiss a student from the accommodation and the courses, in the event of misconduct without a refund of fees.